Unique Guarantee

If your company places over 60 accounts per year (5 accounts per month average). Professional Recovery Personnel, Inc. will Guarantee that if we can not collect your accounts NOBODY can. How can we back this guarantee up?

If another collection agency is able to collect any account that we have determined uncollectible within six months from the time we close the account, we will pay the collection agency’s contingency fee up to what our fee would have been if we had been successful in recovering the account.

Now, not only do we get paid strictly for results. We Guarantee them like no other collection agency does.
Quality Assurance

When a collection agency works on a contingency fee they only get paid when they collect the account, but there is no guarantee to the creditor that the agency will do any work.

They could send one letter and close the account as uncollectible. The creditor then assumes there is nothing else that can be done, so they write off the account.

This account could be very collectible if someone had really put forth the effort to work it. What happens is an injustice to the creditor and they lose their money because no one did the work necessary.

We make sure that every account is worked completely, otherwise we might have to pay the fee to another agency.

Professional Recovery Personnel is a BBB Accredited Collection Agency in Champlin, MN
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