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Professional Recovery Personnel are the leaders in insurance recoupment debts. Insurance recoupment occurs when a payment has been made to a hospital, but the insurance company determines the patient or services were not eligible for benefits. These circumstances can be particularly difficult to collect upon because the laws vary from state to state and technicalities can make it confusing for insurances companies and hospitals alike. PRP displays expertise in the knowledge of insurance recoupment laws in Minnesota, and has an excellent track record for these types of specialty cases. If your company needs help recouping previously paid benefits, we can help!

Why is PRP Successful in Insurance Recoupment?

Our knowledge of the insurance and medical industries makes us a prime candidate for insurance recoupment because we understand how both ends work. We pride ourselves on collecting debts with integrity and professionalism, and our clients agree. We have taken the time to educate and train our entire team on up to date collection and recoupment laws. We understand how delicate the relationships you have with clients are, and strive to maintain them while firmly collecting on your behalf. Don’t take time away from your company to attempt to collect owed monies. Let the professionals at PRP handle the situation quickly so you can get back to what matters most!

We differ from other collection agencies because we know how important the relationships you’ve built are, and we treat everyone with the utmost respect. We are consistent in our approach and get results, but not at the expense of your client relationship. We have created state of the art software that provides a useable platform for clients to pay. It allows for one time and automatic payments and for clients to view their accounts online. Our experience tells us easy online payment systems get results!

Choose Professional Recovery Personnel for Insurance Recoupment

If you have insurance recoupment that needs to be handled quickly and efficiently, Professional Recovery Personnel is the company for the job. Don’t risk the delicate relationships you’ve worked years to build over collections– let us handle it. Our techniques are tried and true, and get results. PRP handles the tough questions and takes the time to treat each customer with dignity and respect. You can trust us to maintain your business relationships while reconciling the debts owed. Call us now to start today!

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