Accounts Receivable Collections in Minnesota

Accounts Receivable Collections in Minnesota

Pro-Recovery is leading the pack in efficient and effective accounts receivable debt collection in Minnesota. We empathize with businesses who are not able to collect on past due accounts, and employ techniques that have been successful with our company for years. Our expert team has ample knowledge and techniques to work on behalf of our clients and obtain the owed debt. We understand how delicate business relationships are and that ideally, many would prefer to keep the customer in the future. We know how to firmly handle the situation while staying professional and kind. Our state of the art website makes it easy to manage accounts and access client information for quick reference.

What is Accounts Receivable Debt?

Accounts receivable can be defined as money owed for services that were performed or given on credit or by invoice. Many vendors bill their customers using this method because of the convenience and rely on working relationships they have developed. However for various reasons, clients may stop paying or are delayed in making payments for services that have already been performed. When clients stop paying or are delinquent on invoices, PRP can step in and recover the money you are owed. Our team makes up the premier debt collection company in Minnesota and has been in business over 20 years. We specialize in a variety of debt recovery services, including accounts receivables collections. We offer a unique guarantee and promise that if we can’t collect your debt, NOBODY can!

Why choose Pro Recovery for Accounts Receivable Collections?

You can rest assured your business relationships are safe in our hands. We have strict policies concerning the manner and techniques in which we go about contacting your clients and collecting owed debts. We are well educated in the debt collection practices and laws of Minnesota, and bind our team to a code of conduct. Ultimately, we want to preserve your business relationship and obtain past due payments. Don’t trust anyone else with your past due accounts!

PRP is the best in the business because of our professionalism, team of experts and results. We use exclusive software that makes it convenient for delinquent clients to make a payment, check their balance and communicate with us. We’ve also enhanced our website to make it easier than every for our clients to add accounts on our website. We know you need immediate access to your information and have modified our services to make that possible. All of your reports are accessible and printable from our website! We can minimize your bad debt and get you the money you deserve! Call us now for a free consultation at 800-318-5398.

Receivables Management

Pro Recovery also specializes in receivables management in Minnesota. For companies that want to keep their books balanced and focus on what matters, we have the staff and systems in place to handle all your accounts receivables. If your company is spending too much time trying to mange customers and cash flow, Pro-Recovery is prepared to handle your accounts receivables. Let us take over so you can focus on your services and products and leave the bottom line to us!

What is Receivables Management?

Receivables management is a service offered for businesses that provide products or services by utilizing an invoice system. Some businesses prefer to turn this area over to a professional company to manage, such as Pro-Recovery. This ensures money is collected on time, while the business relationship is preserved. We have over 20 years of receivables management and use reliable software we designed ourselves! This allows easy online payments, account management, and a variety of other tools accessible anywhere, anytime.

We make transitioning seamless and untie your hands to bring in more customers and products and ultimately maximize profit. If you are looking for a company to handle your receivables management, no one does it like Pro-Recovery. Call us now to see how we can make your company more efficient!

Professional Recovery Personnel is a BBB Accredited Collection Agency in Champlin, MN
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