Student Loan Collections in Minnesota

We are the Student Loan Collections Specialists in Minnesota

What is Student Loan Debt?

Pro Recovery has over twenty years of experience with student loan collections in Minnesota. Student loan debt can occur because of unforeseen circumstances, and the government has various laws protecting student loan borrowers. PRP is well educated in the practices and laws that accompany student loan collections and adhere to them strictly. There are several different types of student loans including private and government. We have dealt extensively with private lenders and collecting unpaid loans. Private loans are credit based and are offered to students that are not able to fulfill their financial aid need with government loans. The terms of these loans are different than government loans and often have varying interest rates depending on the lender.

PRP sets ourselves apart from other debt collection agencies because we take the time to understand our client and their needs. We spend quality time examining the details of every private loan debt before we start the collection process. Our team is expertly trained with techniques that have proven effective. We offer a unique guarantee to our clients that if we can’t collect the debt, NO ONE can.

Why is PRP Successful at Student Loan Collections?

There’s no question who’s the best at student loan collections in Minnesota. Because all of our clients are different and require varying services, we have updated our software to meet all of their needs. We have added an easy to use interface for our clients that allows them to access account information immediately from anywhere. This makes adding accounts easier than ever and answering client questions convenient. We also use software that allows the debtor to access their account, make easy online payments and receive reminders about their account. Electronic communication is easier and faster than ever with our software, resulting in outstanding results and happy clients.

Choose Us as Your Student Loan Collection Agency

Pro Recovery is successful because we have taken the time to develop and efficient and effective collection strategy. We make sure to discover the problem and resolve the issue with the debtor in a timely manner. Our main goal is a positive resolution for everyone involved, and we won’t take short cuts to get there. Resolving the debt and keeping the customer is the reason Pro Recovery stands out from other collection agencies. Don’t trust anyone else to collect your delinquent student loan accounts. We have the tools and the team to get your debts resolved. Call us today for a free consult at 800-318-5398!

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