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It’s one thing to collect monies owed for medical procedures, but a whole different task attempting to obtain insurance overpayments from patients. Whether owed from a patient or provider, we are equipped with the tools and techniques to successfully collect payments. Professional Recovery Personnel has the experience and professionalism to collect on your behalf. Insurance overpayments are a payment to a provider in excess of the amount for service received. This happens unfortunately, all too often due to clerical error, duplicate billing and payment, or lack of coordination of benefits between insurance companies. Fortunately, PRP can handle these sensitive cases with a firm and effective hand. We’ve been managing insurance overpayment collections in Minnesota for over a decade. Contact us NOW for assistance!

Why is PRP Successful in Insurance Overpayment Recovery?

First and foremost, our priority is maintaining our client’s relationships with their patients or providers. We understand why it is necessary to have a collection agency that can be an effective man in the middle to collect money owed. It’s hard to stay professional and still be firm enough to get the debt resolved on your own. When PRP steps in, you can rest assured we will accomplish the task without severing your precious client relationship. Our team has the track record to prove our collection techniques work, and our clients testimonials speak for themselves. Hands down– no one recovers money owed like we do.

We stand out from the competition because of our innovative software that allows clients and patients easy access to accounts and convenient payment options. This increases both our success rate and our client satisfaction. Our team has thorough knowledge of current Minnesota collection laws and strictly adheres to them. We are consistent and kind to our clients, but tough enough to get what you are owed.

Choose Professional Recovery Personnel for Insurance Overpayment Collections

Insurance claim refunds are not for the faint of heart. Don’t choose a newbie to handle these debts– choose PRP! Our experience, demeanor and results set us miles ahead from everyone else. We will be your voice and act swiftly on your behalf. We have the team that uses the strong arm to get what is YOURS! Regardless of why the overpayment occurred, let us settle it once and for all.

Bottom line? We care about your bottom line. Call us NOW to get started today!

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