Debt Collection for Contractors in Minnesota

PRP recovers debts for contractors.

Pro-Recovery knows how difficult debt collection for contractors in Minnesota can be. With the economy struggling, it is a struggle to make sure clients keep their word and pay their bills. Delinquent accounts can put a strain on new projects and add unwanted stress to your business. Let us handle the bottom line so you can put effort into the areas needed most, not the paperwork. Pro-Recovery knows how to deal with contractor debt and can clear up the problems you’re facing with ease.
From product debt to service debt, we know most contractors are not intentionally avoiding paying what is owed. The economy has put many business owners in difficult positions with their own collection problems, which may in turn transfer to your business agreements. Collecting upon these can be difficult, especially in the middle of a job.

Why PRP?

Pro-Recovery has 20+ years of experience collecting contractor debt in Minnesota. We tactfully work to get the money you are owed, while preserving the business relationship you have developed. We are kind to your clients, but our team enforces payment and gets results quickly. We know how important it is to get your clients into paying mode without destroying the business agreement. We specialize in creating debt payment plans with clients you have worked with in the past, or continue to work with in the present.

Choose Pro-Recovery for Contractor Debt

Our team is experienced, professional and helpful on both ends. We have innovative online software available to both the debtor and the client, making it easy to make a payment or check the status of existing debts. Our experience has presented us with a wide variety of clients including the construction industry, building trades, and heavy equipment industries. We have initiative, guarantee our work, and understand the importance of timely payments to ensure credit stances are not impacted.

Our goal for our clients is to put them in a position with positive pay history from their clients. We encourage their contractors with poor pay history to establish a positive history that benefits both parties. Pro-Recovery is the strong arm you need to focus on your business, and the more important aspects of your work! If you need debt collection for contractors in Minnesota, the search is over! Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help your bottom line!

Professional Recovery Personnel is a BBB Accredited Collection Agency in Champlin, MN
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